Visual Regression Testing Suit

What reg-suit does

Compare Images

reg-suit is inspired by snapshot testing. It compares the current images with the previous images, creates an HTML report for their differences. All you need is to give images to assert.

Store Snapshot

reg-suit automatically stores snapshot images to external cloud storage(e.g. AWS S3). You can review result of comparison and differences at any time you want.

Work Everywhere

reg-suit is a just command line interface so is easy to integrate with your project. It works at any CI services and even your local machine.

Getting Started

cd your-project

npm install -g reg-suit

reg-suit init

Answer some questions...

touch actual/your-image-to-test.png

reg-suit run

Read the installation guide.


Automatic Identification

reg-suit supports GitHub flow. reg-suit detects automatically the parent's commit which is the source of the topic branch. And use the snapshot result of the detected commit as the expected result of regression testing.

GitHub flow

GitHub Integration

Installing the reg-suit GitHub app, you can receive the result of the comparison as a comment on the pull request associated with the regression testing. Your contributors and reviewers can recognize the differences at a glance.

PR comment


In addition to the above, there are plugins with various functions. Check them out here.